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Turkish delight is one of the first products that comes to mind when it comes to dessert. It is known and loved as Turkish Delight in many parts of the world. It is one of the most unique flavors with its soft texture and deep-rooted history.

Rose Turkish delights that smell like sweets, fascinate with their appearance and color, pistachio Turkish delights, bird's delight, double-roasted Turkish delights, and delights that are quite different in shape and construction have contributed to the expansion of this family. It has never lost being an indispensable part of holidays, special invitations and guest treats.

Turkish Delight Types
There are many types of Turkish delight according to its taste, production style and place of production. If we try to explain and introduce the types of Turkish delight, this article can turn into a book. For this reason, we will only talk about the names of the most preferred Turkish delight varieties in Turkey and in the world. Here are some of the Turkish delight varieties: Bird's delight, hazelnut delight, walnut delight, double roasted Turkish delight, pistachio delight, coconut delight, creamy delight, fruit mini delight, lemon delight, mint delight, pomegranate delight, Afyon delight, saffron delight, atom delight , rose delight and chocolate delight. Turkish delight is a type of dessert that is not limited to what we have mentioned, and even has no limit. You can create your own recipe if you want. You can make a kind of Turkish delight that has never been tried.